1. Which type of timber log is used for making plywood?

    Gurjan log is best suitable for making. Pando Ply made out of gurjan logs and imported hardwood.

    1. Which type of timber log is suitable for making a Block Board?

    PINE and TEAK log is suitable. We us Pine for Block Board making.

    1. What should be thickness of face used in making Plywood?

    Minimum 0.6mm thickness face should be used. We use 0.6mm


    1. What should be done to prevent plywood from deforming/warping?

    Full long panel & tenderized core should be used. We make according to the above process.

    1. How much core gape should be there in plywood?

    It must not be more than 3mm in between core joints. We use minimum core gape.

    1. How long must plywood be safe from borer & termite attack?

    It must be safer as long as possible. Pando Ply will give minimum 10 years of assurance.

    1. Should the manufacturer give warranty?

    If the manufacturing company believes in the quality of the product then it should give warranty. Pando Ply will provide the warranty card to our customers, its according to the range of products.

    1. Is BIS approval needed for Plywood?

    Yes manufacturing company needs a license from BIS. Pando ply is manufacture according to the BIS standards.